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ACO Quality Improvement Success Story – Winona Health Services

Caravan Health via YouTube:  Since joining a Caravan Health-partnered ACO in 2016, Winona Health Services has successfully transformed their care delivery system to achieve outstanding results. Winona Health Services is a 99-bed health system that serves the Winona, Minnesota area. Under the ACO model, their health system implemented new wellness and prevention components that helped reduce preventable health care conditions in their community.

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Levers of Successful ACOs Webinar

Health Care Transformation Task Force via YouTube: The Health Care Transformation Task Force designed and conducted a qualitative study analyzing the highest performers in the Medicare ACO program to learn about common attributes of successful organizations.

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New Jersey Case Study - The NJ Medicaid ACO Demonstration

Medicaid stakeholders across the country can benefit from examining a case study to date of the New Jersey Accountable Care Organization demonstration. Derek DeLia, PhD of the Rutgers Center for State Health Policy provides important takeaways from early New Jersey ACO demonstration experience, that follow several major themes resulting from early operations assessment of the demonstration.

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Value Based ACO Models Distribution Roadmap

Florida Association of ACO's via YouTube:  With the proliferation of value-based models, such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), one of the most critical and often times under prioritized and/or over politicized efforts is the strategic thought driving the strategy behind the incentive or shared savings payouts. This presentation will discuss distribution strategies and approaches that can drive alignment, engagement, growth and focus for your organization’s ACO.

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Managing New ACO Risk Models: 5 Essential Steps

Florida Association of ACO's via YouTube:  Medicare is rapidly moving towards risk based models wherein ACO’s bear financial risk associated with an attributed patient population in exchange for some of the savings. This presentation explains the five steps health insurance companies have historically used to minimize risk and maximize profits. Attendees learn how tools like reinsurance agreements and captive insurance companies can be used in risk bearing ACOs.

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Measuring Quality for Person-Centered Accountable Care

Alliance for Health Policy via YouTube:  New payment and delivery system models for Medicare, Medicaid and private coverage rely on accurate quality measures to improve care for patients. 

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Dr. Colleen Kraft: Pediatric Accountable Care: Population Health and Value-Based Financing

DelDHSS via YouTube:  Dr. Colleen Kraft speaks at the DHSS Summit on the Health Care Spending Benchmark for Delaware.

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Lessons from 6 Years as a Primary Care-Driven ACO: Dr. Al Kurose at the DHSS Summit on the Health Care Spending Benchmark for Delaware

via YouTube:  Al Kurose, MD, MBA, FACP is President and CEO of Coastal Medical, a primary care driven Accountable Care Organization (ACO).  Coastal Medical provides care to 120,000 patients in 20 medical offices across Rhode Island, and is at the forefront of healthcare delivery system transformation and payment reform, both locally and nationally. Dr. Kurose has led Coastal Medical since 2008, and has been a driving force behind Coastal Medical’s transition to accountable care. Dr. Kurose is a graduate of the Washington University School of Medicine in St.

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Peer-to-Peer Innovation Sharing: Diabetes Hemoglobin A1c, Let’s Get Low!

MaineHealth ACO via YouTube:  A MaineHealth ACO webinar during which ACO participants share ideas and techniques for lowering and maintaining Diabetes HbA1c levels below the current target.

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Preventative Health Domain 2017 ACO Measures

Physician Clinical Integration Network (PCIN) via YouTube:  Covers the preventative health domain measures for the Medicare Shared Savings Program for 2017, including ACO 14: Influenza Immunization; ACO 15: Pneumococcal Vaccination; ACO 16: Adult Weight Screening & Follow Up; ACO 17 Tobacco Use - Screening and Cessation; ACO 19 Colorectal Cancer Screening; ACO 20; Mammography Screening; and ACO 42: Statin Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases.


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