Did The Change in Administration Change Social Media Video Policy?

When the Trump administration came into office in January, there was much public concern voiced at the time about agencies being asked to clamp down on press releases and related information dissemination. So now, a couple of months down the road, we thought we'd examine the before and after effect on healthcare agencies releases of public video.


21 Selected Hashtags on Healthcare Reform

Whether you want to post or browse about repeal and replace or the ACA, its helpful to know which hashtags are getting the most traction in discussion around the twittosphere. 

We compiled a list of the hashtags surrounding the debate and had them analyzed using, which tracks twitter usage during the past 36 hours or so. As of noon Eastern time today, here’s what we found for twenty one selected hashtags that had surfaced the most during our research, presented in alphabetical order:


Video Coverage So Far on the American Health Care Act

At the moment, YouTube yields 482 search results for the "American Health Care Act" (when you search using quote marks.) Here's a half dozen selected from major organizations that can help give you a pretty good feel via video on what we know about the Act so far, including 50 minutes of Paul Ryan taking us through his powerpoint with his sleeves literally rolled up. All six videos are now accessible via HealthShareTV:


Healthcare Social Media Coverage by HIMSS

HIMSS provides a nice social media webpage with healthcare social media coverage occuring as a run-up as well as during their HIMSS17 event, their annual health IT and all things related gathering  which just concluded in Orlando, Florida. 

Healthcare social media articles, interviews and other coverage linked from the page includes:

Tweets From The Top About Healthcare

Given that President Trump is using Twitter is a primary source for communicating with the public, we wanted to examine hoe often is healthcare top of mind when the President's social media is being deployed.

The answer is - not much. Examing the two accounts @Potus and @RealDonaldTrump since the inauguration - there have been 167 @Potus tweets/retweets and 129 @RealDonaldTrump tweets/retweets. @RealDonalTrump has only one healthcare related tweet,and @Potus only has two - one being a retweet from @RealDonaldTrump, The two tweets are:

Video Pulse on Repeal & Replace, ACA and Obamacare

How is the public keeping pace with developments on the Affordable Care Act repeal and replace front? With respect to video YouTube offerings, we examined results for keyword searches for "repeal and replace", "affordable care act" and "obamacare" filters for results just during the past month, and sorted by view count.

The Similarities Between Health Plans and Video Subscription Services

One can even directly impact if people live or die.  The other merely informs and entertains. Still, as I recently turned on the television to discover my favorite local station currently wasn’t available because of a contract dispute with my satellite television service, it occurred to me that there are significant parallels between health plans and subscription channel services.


2017 Social Media Predictions

Looking beyond just healthcare, what do experts see as major overall social media trends for 2017?


Anna Johansson writes in Forbes tells us five ways millennial social media habits will change In 2017:

ACA Post Election Twitter Activity

After the initial post election dust settled, what have the level of tweets been regarding the Affordable Care Act, as people try and sort through the potential upcoming post aca-pocolypse world? We used Symplur's Health Care Hashtag Project site to examine seven hashtags associated with the ACA and its most visible feature, the health insurance marketplace (the public exchange.

Here are the hastags, and the number of tweets the first and last days of the week running Nov 12-18:

2017 Open Enrollment Videos Just Getting Started

It's officially 2017 health plan open enrollment season for Medicare, the public Health Insurance Marketplaces and countless employers. And it appears consumers didn't want to beat the crowds when checking out open enrollment videos. Instead, if last year is an indicator, consumers don't want to deal with checking out such videos until open enrollment season is well underway. 



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