About the Editor's Picks

We provide a selection of Editor's Picks with each issue of the HealthshareTV newsletter. The picks involve posted videos that we feel best fit a selected specific theme.

You can review past and current Editor's Picks links to applicable video posts, from the main left menu.

If you have any suggestion for future themes/topics for an Editor's Picks selection, we'd love to hear from you.

Why Should You Register for a User Account?

You don't have to register to search, browse and view videos and the other site features in HealthShareTV. So why should you register to create a User Account?

For starters, its free. If you ever want to post a video, or post a comment or rate a video, you'll need to be a registered user, and login. You'll even be able to view a menu of the videos you've posted, by clicking the My Video Posts link in your Account Menu at the top of the page.

Using the Video Finder

HealthShareTV's video finder, available from the home page or if you click the Video Finder link from the left menu, is the powerful tool to select videos based on the choice of healthcare categories provided.

Please note that in order to keep the results focused, only one video category can be selected at a time.

If you are wondering why the specific categories offered were chosen, it was because they had been determined to be relevant to MCOL's audience, and were compatible with the categories of content provided through MCOL's other web sites of interest.

What is healthsharetv?

What is healthsharetv you ask? And why do we need it when YouTube and similar sites already exist? I'm glad you asked.

The short answer is, healthsharetv is the one place you can go to easily browse for health care videos of interest to health professionals. What's more, healthsharetv provides a unique community for professionals where you can share healthvideo links and descriptions, comment on videos, rate videos, and crowd-source videos in terms of what is most viewed, trending, rated or commented on.


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