Healthcare Social Media Lists

Six lists regarding healthcare social media have already been posted in healthsprocket this month, that are worth a moment of your time:

Smith & Jones Healthcare: 5 Tactics to Up Your Social Media Game who remind us that social media for business isn't free: "while social media was never really free once you factored in the time and resources that go into managing social profiles, it’s now next to impossible to not pay for any social posts or ads."

Health Plan Video Rating Race - May 2015

May is the big "sweeps" month with broadcast television ratings. How did some of the nation's largest health plans do with their YouTube video rating during May? Let's take a look:

Clearly, if you sponsor your video spots, you will be on top of the view count. That's the takeaway -as you'll see with the clear winner - UnitedHealthcare's posting of their 30 second television Skateboard Commercial which has drawn 1,340,563 views since being posted 3 weeks ago.

What's Trending in Healthcare Videos on YouTube

Wanting to get a feel for what's trending in healthcare business topics on YouTube, we searched on a variety of keywords that are relatively buzz-worthy within the business of healthcare at the moment, and a few more generic keywords for perspective.

We confined our searches to the filter of videos posted during the past 30 days. Most of our buzzwords couldn't get off the ground, with fewer than 100 videos posting during this period. For those with more than 100 videos posted, we also looked at the number of views for the most viewed video during this period.

HIPAA and Healthcare Social Media

Symplur has a cool website feature, with pages indicating recent activity for applicable hashtags. For example, here's their page for #HIPAA healthcare social media hashtag. Symplur's tracking indicates there were 400+ tweets with #HIPAA on Wednesday April 29th, around 375 on Wednesday and 350 on Monday.

Speaking of HIPAA, it is of course a priority issue to stay on top of for those involved with healthcare social media, particularly those involved with consumer interactions.

UnitedHealthcare's Commercial Goes Viral

During the past thirty days, 25,900 videos were posted to YouTube that included the keyword "healthcare." (Healthcare - vs. "health care" is a good tag to search on for business vs. consumer content.)

Selected Webinar Videos on Healthcare Social Media

We have searched and selected three recent healthcare social media webinar presentations to post in HealthshareTV that should be relevant for professionals engaged with healthcare social media:

Social Media Trends, Best Practices and Compliance for Healthcare Professionals - MentorHealth (11 minutes)

Healthcare Social Media Hashtags

Wondering what anointed hashtags for healthcare are out there, when making your social media posts? Check out Healthcare Social Media Hashtags by Symplur, with a glossary of 89 major hashtages including detailed description.

All Things King v. Burwell on Video

With the King v Burwell case opening this week in the Supreme Court, I thought it would be interesting to see how much impact the case has made in social media video in the lead-up to the big event that will decide if federal funding of subsidies can continue via the federally facilitated health insurance exchange. YouTube Channel

With the public Health Insurance Marketplace open enrollment having just closed, I checked out the YouTube channel to get an idea of how much they leveraged social media video.

Revisiting the Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network

Two year's ago I blogged in healthsharetv, encouraging people to check out Mayo's Social Media Health Network, I thought it would be worth revisiting this resource in our blog now that we're cruising through month two of 2015.


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