Neil Versel: Healthcare Social Media Needs to be about Patients-TripleAim-Fun and use video

Check out Neil Versel's December Forbes blog: Make Healthcare Social Media About Patients, Safe Care, But Also Make It Fun.

He cites several people in the field who support his thesis that healthcare social media should focus on patients, triple-aim, and have an element of fun. Neil advises that tweets - effective for the B2B crowd - need multimedia. Moreover, Neil quotes Humetrix President and CEO Dr. Bettina Experton:
“I have to be part of the dialog of innovators to try to make a change. For us, YouTube is a big medium.”

2015: 4 health tech trends to be aware of

This week, an article by Dr. Kevin Campbell was posted online at the WNCN website. The article was about four different health technology trends to watch for this year. The new year has begun and many people are reflecting on the progress that was made in medicine based on last year. The United State's landscape has changed significantly. There were growing pains and change for everyone involved in medicine/healthcare.

Hospital Social Media Varies By Characteristics

Recently, an article was published online by Ann Zieger from Healthcare Dive. The article is from a study (appeared in the Journal of Medical Internet Research) is about hospitals and their social media use varying by hospital characteristics. Many United States hospitals use social media on a daily basis. There is a lot of online activity on the different networks and they each vary by each hospital's own characteristics.

Social Media Embraced by Hospitals

This week, an article from FierceHealthcare was posted online regarding hospitals embracing social media, but have not realized all of the benefits. The majority of United State's hosptials use websites/apps like Facebook, Yelp, and Foursquare to engage with their patients. The use of social media is much greater than what was previously thought.

Social Media is Complicated for Physicians

Recently, an article was published online by Julie Song, MPH, CPHRM, Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company (OncLive) regarding physicians involvement in social media. Should physicians friend or unfriend social media? The answer so far is that it's complicated due to the many pros and cons surrounding this topic.

Google's small wearable device that attracts and counts particles

This week, an article from Business Insider was posted online regarding a small wearable device that is in development by the company of Google. This small wearable device would attract and count the particles on a person's body. The reasoning behind this product is to create a system that would be used for testing and monitoring a person's health.

Figure 1 App (Instagram for Doctors)

Recently, an article was posted online regarding a social networking application that acts like an Instagram for Doctors. Its about how a medical image sharing application raises concerns about patient privacy. This news story comes from the News website and lets others know that this would be the last thing one can expect when entering a doctor's office.

Smart phones & social media taking toll on mental health

This week, an article was posted about how social media and smartphones are taking a toll on America's youth. This piece of writing comes from the News Mail website and refers to constant connectivity having a negative effect on America's youth. Also, there is a lack of mental health funding and services for the youth and it is pushing them over to the edge.

Benefits from using Social Media in Medical Practices

Recently, Michelle Perron posted a blog about six benefits of using social media in medical practice areas on the Perron Insurance Services website. This information refers to the implementation of social media in the medical practice.

Retail Health Care And Change In Sale Of Tobacco Products

Today, Troyen Brennan, William Shrank, and Andrew Sussman posted a blog about integrity in retail health care and rethinking the sale of tobacco products in Health Affairs. This piece of writing starts off with retail health care being a relatively new development in American health care.


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