Lowest Average Views Per Video on YouTube

This week, MCOL released its Social Media Learning Kit 2013, which covers a study on social media accounts from healthcare organizations which includes data from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The study includes a number of benchmarks and ratios across all three previously listed social media platforms. One ratio that may interest healthsharetv users is views per video on YouTube.

YouTube Channels with In-Depth Health Info

According to YouTube "when someone uploads a YouTube video, it goes onto their channel. Channels are like public profiles where you can see all the videos somebody has uploaded." If you find a channel you like you can subscribe to it so you can keep up with all their latest videos. Some of the channels that HealthShareTV keeps up with can be found in a recently posted list on HealthSprocket.

YouTube Stars Talk Health Care

In the past, this blog has noted the use of celebrities and YouTube to promote and enrollment in the healthcare marketplaces, but last week, The White House, combined the two by bringing in 'YouTube celebrities' to talk about promotion.

Tracking Health Trends with Twitter

In March of 2012, the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the Department of Health and Human Services started a challenge "to create a web-based application that searched open source Twitter data for health topics and delivered analyses of that data for both a specified geographic area and the national level." The website that won the challenge is now live at

Controlling the ACA Message On Social Media

Proponents of the Affordable Care Act have had trouble creating a unified front on social media. One organization, ACA Signup Success Stories, is trying to fix that. They are working to spread positive stories of ACA implementation. One way they are doing this is suggesting ways in which to interact on social media regarding the ACA. They've even created a number of pre-written tweets which people can use to post on twitter.

Patients Want Anonymity on Social Media

According to a study from The Institute of Medicine(IOM), with appropriate anonymity,
94 percent of American social media users with a medical condition would be willing to share their health data to help doctors improve care.

Is Social Media Worth it for Pharma?

A little while back, Zoe Dunn, a principal at Hale Advisors, wrote an article for Medical Marking & Media on whether pharma as an industry should abandon social media. While she is skeptical of its use for the industry she says there is opportunity if you "truly understand the premise of social media: it's about building relationships." So has pharma built relationships on social media?

Social Media and Marketplace Enrollment

This week, it was reported by the LA Times that celebrities are promoting healthcare enrollment through social media.

Healthcare Social Media and Career Development

This week, AMN Healthcare released results of a survey related to healthcare professionals use of social media in job searching.

Trend Spotting Through Social Media Searches

When you search for generic terms on social media sites like YouTube, you can see patterns as to what topics are trending. For example, if you were to search for the word "problem" on YouTube, as of Tuesday afternoon, one trend was apparent. Six of the twenty videos on the first page of the search results related to problems with enrollment on While there were fourteen other videos, no other topic repeated itself.


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