Five Major Organizations Offering Healthcare Podcast Channels

Despite all the video out there, podcasts continue to remain a popular vehicle for keeping current -especially for those trapped in a car, train or plane, or those enduring a long workout. There are of course many must-listen podcasts offered by individuals or specialtized sites, but here are direct links to five selected sources of podcasts from major organizations of note, that continue to roll out new offerings and that you can turn to new content:


Health Affairs
10 healthcare podcasts this year date, from "the leading journal of health policy thought and research."

TedTalks Health
14 healthcare podasts this year to date. If you like TedTalks videos, these podcasts are for you.


NPR Health
NPR is one of the kings of Podcasts. They have 39 podcast touching on healthcare in just the past two weeks. Of course the political debate fuels much of it.


30 healthcare podcasts this year to date from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Partner Relations Group

14 different podcast channels related to healthcare IT to choose from, each with a number of new 2017 episodes

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