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Strong Community Networks Lead to Long-term Population Health Improvements

Glen Mays of the University of Kentucky discusses the System for Action population health research program in this video.

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Community health workers: Enhancing readiness for value-based care

OHA Transformation Center via YouTube: This webinar is for coordinated care organizations and larger health care organizations working to implement community health worker (CHW) programs and increase readiness for value-based care. See below for additional resources.

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Champions of Change: Asian American and Pacific Islander Affordable Care Act Community Outreach

The White House via YouTube: The White House hosts an Asian American and Pacific Islander Affordable Care Act Community Outreach Champions of Change Leaders Event to honor local leaders who took innovative approaches and led efforts on ACA enrollment in the AAPI community.

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Community Counts: The Local Scorecard - Commonwealth Fund Rankings

A new Commonwealth Fund report ranks 306 local areas across the U.S. on indicators of health system performance. Watch for report highlights and commentary from report coauthor Cathy Schoen of The Commonwealth Fund.

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Making a Medical Home for Children in the Foster Care System | Hollie Hawkins | TEDxOU

TEDx Talks via YouTube: Hollie Hawkins describes the impact and transformation of a foster care community, specifically in Tulsa, when customized, consistent and holistic care is delivered to youth.

Holly Hawkins is a pediatric nurse at the OU-Tulsa Health Sciences campus, as well as a medical provider at Fostering Hope Clinic. She delivers comprehensive care to infants and children in the welfare system using a broad, multidisciplinary approach.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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