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SMS Healthcare in Africa

Mobile comms empowers 90% of Africans to participate in the global economy and receive otherwise inaccesible services. But despite benefits of mobile access, many struggle from under-resourced health systems. The Ebola epidemic was exacerbated by this weakness. Mobile technologys can enable disease surveillance, remote diagnosis and disease management. We will use real examples to discuss the opportunities, challenges and success factors of an unconventional, technological, health revolution.

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Sustainable Health Care in Africa

Vraeyda Media via YouTube: Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation's mission is to build and provide Sustainable Health Care in West Africa. Founder and President Marj Ratel talks on the Cornerstones of Sustainable Contemporary Health & Compassionate Care in the developing world.

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The high cost of private healthcare in South Africa is in the spotlight

eNCA via YouTube: The Competition Commission has launched the Health Market Inquiry into the sector. Cosatu, Section 27 and the World Health Care Organisation were among those who made presentations yesterday. We spoke to Umunyana Rugege, an attorney at Section 27.​

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Global Health Leaders Determined to Find Permanent Solutions After Ebola

CCTV Africa via YouTube: As global health experts meet in Washington DC, questions remain about whether billions of dollars spent tackling Ebola will now contribute to more sustainable health systems in West Africa. Though medical services are deeply fragile in the recovery, experts say there does now appear to be a determined effort to support regional efforts to improve health care systems in West Africa.

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How this health insurance scheme is making healthcare more affordable in Nigeria

CNBCAfrica via youtube: Across Africa millions of people do not have access to affordable healthcare but in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, a community-based insurance scheme is transforming lives by enabling access to previously unaffordable medical treatment.

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