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Can you profitably provide coverage and deliver care?

Provider-affiliated and provider-owned health plans face many challenges as they work to both deliver care and provide coverage. They must tackle value-based payment models, provider profiling, network design, care management and physician engagement. This video explains how they can succeed in the health insurance marketplace.

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New Business Models in Healthcare

Concierge Emergency Care and Retail Clinics - what do they have in common? They’re disruptive business models in healthcare. The market for these disruptive business models is going to continue to grow steeply in future. Why? Because that’s what’s convenient to the customers, it’s cheaper, and that’s where the customers will go. 

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The Business of Health Care 2015 - Disruptive Innovation

Speakers: - Patrick M. Conway, M.D., Deputy Administrator for Innovation and Quality and Chief Medical Officer, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation. Keynote session with Jason Hwang, M.D., co-author of The Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Healthcare. Speakers: - Jon R. Cohen, M.D., Sr. Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, and Group Executive--Diagnostic Solutions, Quest Diagnostics

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Fixing health care: Practical lessons from business leaders

The new Congress and President-elect Trump have pledged to make health care reform a top priority. As they undertake this challenge, they should consider the innovative approaches developed by purchasers who cover more than half of all Americans employer-sponsored health plans. 

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Trends in Provider Sponsored Health Plans

While many health plans sponsored by national organizations have recently undergone significant consolidation, restructuring and realignment, provider sponsored health plans have been been responsible for much of current health plan and health system growth, innovation and transformation. The question at this juncture is, how are provider sponsored health plans positioned for 2017 and beyond, and what significant trends, issues, opportunities and challenges are they experiencing that will  influence and impact healthcare stakeholders going forward?

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