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Cause and Effect: Do Prescription Drug Ads Really Work?

YouTube via KnowledgeAtWharton: Drug ads do bring about an increase in the number of prescriptions for that medication, Wharton research finds, but that doesn't necessarily translate into health benefits. More:

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Here's Why Drug Prices in the U.S. Are the Highest in the World

Bloomberg via YouTube: Americans pay more for prescription drugs than anyone else in the world and President Donald Trump has promised to change that. Bloomberg QuickTake looks at why prescription drugs are so expensive in America versus the rest of the world.

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How prescription drug rebates reduce costs

Drug Benefit Solutions via YouTube: Employers, unions and health plans hire Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), which in turn negotiate rebates and discounts from drug companies. The PBMs then pass along those savings to those health plans., who can use them to cut premiums and out of pocket costs for patients. Learn more at

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How the Growing Cost of Drugs Might Affect Your Employer's Health Plan

PBS NewsHour via Youtube: More than half of large U.S. employers will more tightly manage their employees' use of prescription drugs next year, according to a new survey. The increased expenses from costly drugs threaten to push some employer health care plans over a threshold that will make them subject to a high tax. Hari Sreenivasan learns more from Brian Marcotte, CEO of the National Business Group on Health.

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Why Prescription Drugs Cost So Much - Michael Rea - TEDxKC

Would you be mad if you found out you were paying as much as 2000% more than your neighbor for a prescription? 

Furious, Michael Rea left his job as a pharmacist eight years ago to pursue a solution to the runaway cost of prescription drugs.

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