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How Physicians Can Reduce Risk In mHealth

Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. via YouTube: mHealth is the use of wireless and mobile devices to assist and improve healthcare services and outcomes. Allan Ridings and Joseph Wager, senior risk management and patient safety specialists at the Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc., discuss ways physicians can reduce risk of breaches in patient data and privacy when using mHealth services.

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Mobile Health mHealth Market Forecast 2015-2020 Report

visiongain via YouTube: The emergence of low-cost smartphones has allowed wider access to app stores, which are now home to over 100,000 unique mHealth apps. The advent of connected devices and M2M is offering a tremendous opportunity for healthcare professionals. Near-ubiquitous mobile networks are allowing carers to diagnose, monitor, and communicate with patients with unprecedented speed and efficacy.

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World Vision’s mHealth Mobile Health technology

World Vision Canada via YouTube: Support our Starting Strong initiative and help local World Vision workers bring health services to the most remove and desperate villages. With mobile phone technology, pregnant mothers and newborns receive the vaccinations, nutrition and care they need.

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Jeff Kasher Talks the Future of mHealth in Clinical Trials

Medidata Solutions via YouTube: Jeff Kasher, the President of Patients Can't Wait and a former VP at Eli Lilly, talks about the future of mHealth technology in clinical trials. In addition, he discusses how pharmaceutical companies should begin to phase mHealth technology into clinical trials.

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The Future Of Pharmaceutical: Personalization, IoT and mHealth

Anders Sorman-Nilsson via YouTube: This is a short video from when I was a futurist keynote speaker at The Pharmacy Guild of Australia's conference APP 2015. During the event I talked about how the digitization will impact the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

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NYAS mHealth: The Power of Wearables, Sensors and Apps

Medidata Solutions via YouTube: mHealth: The Power of Wearables, Sensors, and Apps to Transform Clinical Trials.
The New York Academy of Sciences

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