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Health Care Behind Bars: A Key to Population Health?

This briefing explores innovations and challenges in delivering health care to a growing population of inmates, and also the prospect of health care in the correctional setting as a key to improving population health. This is an expensive group because of the large number of people with mental illness, addiction disorders, conditions associated with aging and Hepatitis C. Indeed, corrections spending is the second fastest-growing state expenditure, behind Medicaid, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts.

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The Role of Patient Education in Accountable Care and Population Health

Milner-Fenwick via YouTube: Milner-Fenwick's Cindy Carson, Director of Marketing and Business Development, moderates a one-hour discussion on how hospitals can achieve better outcomes, in a value-based reimbursement model, by engaging patients to change their behavior with effective patient education.

Special guest Dr. Steven Merahn, Senior Vice President, Clinovations and Director of The Center for Population Health Management shares insights:

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Using Mobile Technology to Drive Your Population Health Strategy

This webinar focuses on using secure mobile technology to create a Mobile Network of Care throughout the Care Continuum for your targeted patient populations. Practice Unite, a secure mobile communication platform for clinicians and patients is featured in the discussion.

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Diabetes Population Health Management

This Los Angeles County Department of Health Services breakout session features Uzma Haider, Petra Duran, Marc Weigensberg, and Antoinette Chavez in a discussion regarding diabetes population health management.

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Using Bigger Data Better to Improve Population Health

This BUSPH Public Health Forum features guest speaker Stefano M. Bertozzi, Dean and Professor of Health Policy & Management, University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health.

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