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How Do You Transform an Enterprise?

Fortune via Youtube: President of the NYSE, Tom Farley, Executive Vice President of CVS Health and President of CVS/pharmacy, Helena Foulkes, and Executive Vice President of Printing and Personal Services at HP, Dion Weisler, all sit down with Fortune's Pattie Sellers to discuss how they are reviving their industries.

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Transforming Health Care with Technology: Model-Based Approaches

Citrisuc via YouTube: Misha Pavel, Program Director of Smart Health and Wellbeing at the National Science Foundation discusses the mounting need to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare due to economic pressures and changing demographics, which requires significant transformations in healthcare delivery. NSF has developed a program in smart health and wellbeing that is focused on stimulating relevant research in key areas.

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The Future of Technology Enabled Care to Transform Population Health Management

This webinar features Lori Dearman, Roeen Roashan and Tim Rowan as they discuss how technology enabled care will impact the future of healthcare, including population health management.

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The Blockchain Effect On Healthcare: How Blockchain Will Transform Healthcare In 25 Years

Richie Etwaru discusses how Blockchain will transform healthcare at the book launch for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in Drug Discovery and Development by Dr. William Loging at the NY Academy of Science in NYC.

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Optum Video Case Study: Analytics Transform Patient Care at Lehigh Valley Health Network

Optum Company Page via YouTube:  This case study describes the importance of predictive analytics in managing populations and identifies methods for prioritizing and managing high-risk populations along with illustrating the importance of population health focus in value based contracting.

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