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Medical Device Regulation: Finding Your Path to Success

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Successfully navigating the medical device regulatory landscape requires a well-defined and understood approach and knowledge of best practices specific to the device field. While device and drug development follow the same basic steps, there are key differences in regulations, approval pathways, and clinical investigations required for medical devices in the United States and European Union.

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The Evolution of Google Glass in Healthcare

Healthcare IT News via YouTube: Rafael Grossmann, MD, FACS, surgeon at EMMC in Bangor, Maine, shares his thoughts on and experiences with Google Glass in a clinical setting and how the wearable device could revolutionize the healthcare industry as it evolves.

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WT | Wearable Technologies Show – chances for start-ups in mHealth

MEDICATradeFair via YouTube: The WT | Wearable Technologies Show at MEDICA 2015 offers a unique platform to present the latest developments in the field of wearable technologies. Both established companies as well as newcomers to the industry are participating in this B2B market place. We meet with Spela Kosir from Wearable Technologies AG that organizes this joined booth and with two start-ups to get to know how they evaluate this opportunity.

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Wearable Intelligence in Healthcare

Wearable Intelligence via YouTube: In any clinical environment, Wearable Intelligence's HIPAA-compliant platform wirelessly enables doctors, surgeons, and nurses to achieve greater efficiency, collaboration, and patient satisfaction

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Moving Digital Health From Gadgets In A More Useful Direction

MD Magazine TV via YouTube: When people think of digital health aids they may not think beyond their smartphone or other wearable devices. Work is being done to move this field in a direction even more helpful than currently used.

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