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Terms of Use

Use of this site is subject to the HealthShareTV Terms of Use. The Terms of Use also provide more detailed information that may assist you in use of various features in this site.

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Browsing for Videos

There are a variety of ways you can browse for videos. The Video Finder provided on the home page allows for convenient display of all videos meeting your selections by applicable categories. A search box is provided at the top of each page, allowing for free text searching throughout the site. Additional options provided in the main menu include: Latest Videos, Trending Videos, Most Viewed Videos, Editors Picks and Featured Videos. If you have registered, you can also browse any Videos you have posted or indicated as your favorites, from the top right menu.

Video Categories

Videos submitted must be categorized into one or more of the indicated categories in the video submission form and submitted videos may be browsed by these categories. Each video may have multiple categories indicated when applicable. When viewing a specific video, the applicable categories chosen for that video will appear on the page, just below the video.


You must register to submit, comment on, or rate videos, and to receive the HealthShareTV e-newsletter. If you register, videos and other content you post will indicate your registered name. After registering you can edit your User Account (click the edit tab), including adding a photo, indicating your e-newsletter preference, change your password and more. The User Account link appears in the top right menu.

Submitting a Video:

You must be a Registered User and login to submit a video.

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  • After submitting your video post, your submission will be subject to review, and will be activated after the review is completed. Reviews occur during business days.

Editing or Deleting a Video

To edit or delete your video, you must log-in and navigate to your video. Once on the page select the edit tab to edit or delete as indicated. Once you have deleted the video, it cannot be recovered, meaning you would need to re-submit the video to restore it.

Rating Videos

Registered users that have logged in can rate any video, on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) tvs. On each video page, below the actual video, the average rating for the video (average score from all users that have rated the video, and the number of votes cast) will appear, along with the rating you assigned to the video. The ratings will be indicated in red (if the average rating is 3 tvs, three tvs will be colored red,) You can change your rating at any time, including to revert back to not-rated. You can only rate once per video.

Submitting a Comment

You must be a Registered User and login to submit a Comment to a video, a blog entry, or a reply to a comment. Such comments can be made regarding any video or blog entry, simply be clicking the comment link provided.

Editing a Comment

To edit an existing comment, you must log-in and navigate to that comment. Only the user posting the comment can edit the comment. To edit the comment, click the edit link provided below the comment While you can edit an existing comment at any time, please note an existing comment can not be deleted.

Reviewing Comments

If any comments have been made regarding a video, the comments will appear below the video.

Adding Favorites

You must be a Registered User and Logged In to add a video to your favorites. Selected videos will then appear in you’re my Favorites page/ You can add any video to your My Favorites page simply by clicking the "Add to Favorites" link provided at the bottom of each video.

Subscribing or Unsubscribing to HealthShareTV newsletter

If you have registered with HealthShareTV, you are automatically subscribed to receive HealthShareTV e-newsletter and e-mail announcements. You can unsubscribe at any time, and if you are registered, unsubscribing will not affect your other privileges as a registered user.

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