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Healthcare Reform – What is Happening?

For the last several years Kristin has been addressing healthcare in the U.S. and its impact on businesses. She will again give an update on the current state of reform and provide tips for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of the state and federal laws.


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U.S. Health Care Reform: Setting the Record Straight with Scott Atlas

Senior Hoover Fellow Scott Atlas revisits facts about medical care quality, as well as access to care, compares those with nationalized systems often held up as models and analyzes the impact of the Affordable Care Act. Acknowledging the challenges facing the healthcare system, he proposes a six-point plan to restore incentives to increase healthcare quality and reduce costs. 

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The Ethics of Health Care Reform at Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics

Congress has been locked in debate over the last year about repealing the Affordable Care Act. There have been numerous controversies over the process used, as well as the outcome achieved. We will reflect on the changes and the rhetoric that has emerged around health and the government's role in providing a safety net. How should elected representatives weigh the short-term and long-term health care needs of their constituents in these contexts? What were the roles that health care providers and patients played in the debate, and how could they have been more effective?

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Partnership for the Future of Healthcare – Philips and HPE OEM

Globally, hospitals are facing increasing IT infrastructure and connectivity challenges. Hear from a Philips executive, Martijn Heemskerk, and an HPE OEM executive, Phillip Cutrone, discuss the power of the strategic Philips / HPE OEM Partnership in the advancement of healthcare solutions.

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Senator Graham outlines future healthcare reform plans

Senator Lindsey Graham says Senate Republicans will focus their healthcare reform efforts on a proposed block grant that will take power away from Washington. 

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What you need to know about the GOP's Graham-Cassidy health care bill

Republican’s long-fraught effort to repeal the ACA has regained momentum in the Senate just as a critical deadline looms for the GOP. The new health care bill, sponsored by Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. Bill Cassidy, would bring sweeping changes to the current system. Lisa Desjardins and Sarah Kliff of Vox join John Yang to explain the policy and politics behind the bill.

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Trumpcare: Is it the Right Treatment for what Ails the American Health Care System?

All healthcare systems must strike a delicate balance between cost, quality and access. Though Obamacare focused largely on increasing access to coverage and spreading the cost of illness across the entire population, Trumpcare tips the balance largely in favor of reducing federal spending, at the risk of destabilizing insurance markets and increasing costs for older and sicker individuals. What would it take to create a healthcare system that would provide future generations with accessible, affordable care? Can this be done while also covering the sick and the underserved?

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Transformational Health Care Reform: Blueprint for America

The American health care system is on an unsustainable path characterized by government-dominated insurance. Fixing health care begins with changing the incentives and empowering consumers to seek value with their money, while increasing competition among providers. Reforming Medicaid, Medicare, access to HSAs, and private insurance will improve access, choice, and quality of health care.

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Independence Blue Cross CEO Daniel J. Hilferty addresses health care reform

Daniel J. Hilferty, the president and CEO of Independence Health Group, wants politicians to work together on addressing the current challenges facing the nation’s health care system. He spoke with the Philadelphia Tribune August 23, 2017 about the impact of the debate surrounding health 

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Down but Not out---The ACA and the future of Healthcare Reform

ACA and HIPAA Compliance, presented by Corbin Granger

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